Customs declarations

Trade with countries outside of the EU requires customs declarations, for import as well as export, ABG Logistic creates and hand in the custom declarations electronically via TDS, the Swedish Customs electronical system. Our work includes, of course, that we control the substratum of the declarations and that we take responsibility for the realness of the declarations that we create. Documents will be sent to you once all the respective errands are closed.


For trade within the EU, statistics shall be submitted to the SCB (Statistics Sweden – a government agency) or similar agencies within European Union countries, every month. A company becomes obliged to submit statistics for Import if they have received goods for 9,0 million SEK or more and for Export if they have delivered for 4,5 million SEK or more, during a 12-months period. If a company surpasses both limits, they’ll have to submit data for both.

The values on when a company is obliged to submit statistics differs between the different EU-countries, the above example is only for Swedish rules. ABG Logistic is already doing these reports for companies who are obliged to do so in several countries. ABG Logistic compiles and submit these reports electronically via IDEP.

Full-service Customs

Customs are for many companies a bureaucratical jungle with a lot of laws an paragraphs. With a lot of experience from working both within and with the Swedish Customs, we can swiftly, smoothly and cost-efficiently take responsibility of that part of your organisation, so that you can focus on selling your products instead of spending time deciphering constitutions.

With full-service we mean:

  • Classification and interpretation of the TARIC on your products
  • Handle eventual certificates and control of import- and export restrictions and anti-dumping actions
  • Coverage of custom errands: Import, Export, reappraisals, etc
  • Permission management.
  • Recommendations for projects and project-managing within the customs section.

Support and counselling

Our customers are frequently getting advice in different matters via phone and e-mail. It’s easy to reach us for personal service and we quickly provide answers about procedure-, classification-, and document- questions for both Import as Export. We gladly give support and act sounding board alongside your project within the customs section, if you so wish.

Education and organisation

ABG Logistic educates personnel who works with – or is going to work with customs declarations and/or Intrastat-reporting. We can also go through your systems and routines, so that you independently will be able to perform the work in accordance to the demands set, by the government agencies, on your company in these matters.


Is your company going to have a revision-visit by the customs agency, or have you had a visit like that and have been given remarks – perhaps with questioned customs addition as a consequence? We can help you sort out your problems!

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