In small- or medium-sized companies, there’s often one person who will have to take care of a whole bunch of different tasks within different work-areas, which often is a lot of fun but at the same time that area can suffer of lower quality, due to the workload. Forwarding can be such an area/department that doesn’t get that extra attention that it needs or deserves.

Therefore we at ABG Logistic would like to offer you the service to take care of your forwarding-department and to take care of all the work that has to do with that, so that you can focus on selling your products instead!

What we offer you

  • As an independent part, we can bargain the best price and service with the forwarder
  • We own the transportation deals
  • Signs the transport-insurance policy
  • Book the transportations
  • Creates all the documents required for the transport (everything from waybills to customs-declarations)
  • Make sure that the transport is being executed
  • Follow-up the transportation
  • Takes care of any eventual complaints or reclaim against the forwarder

All of your transportation needs are collected with us and we are the only point of contact that you will need instead of the numerous more that you probably have today.

Follow-up and control

What do you gain on hiring us to be a part of your business? Well, with our experience in the business, our knowledge and most of all, our time so that we can give this department in your company the attention that it deserves! More reasons:

  • Large grid of contact
  • Transport-independent, which means that we put your interest in the centre and will therefore be able to bargain for the best price and service just for you!
  • Complete customs service is included
  • Periodical Invoice on all the assignments, with the possibility to account according to your accounting-plan.
  • One contact for all of your transportation needs!!

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