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ABG Logistic can help to carry through reclaims against your forwarder or against your transport-insurance company. We can, completely independent, formulate the documents that is needed and together with you provide data to follow this errand until it becomes regulated.

Transport insurances

We do not sell any insurance solutions – but can, as with transport solutions, help you find the best solution for your transport insurance needs.

Education in terms of delivery

Delivery terms is a decisive factor in deciding who’s legally responsible for the goods that’s being transported. This can, at eventual misfortunes, be economically devastating if you formulate yourself the wrong way. Therefore, we find it to be crucial that, purchasing-, sales- and forwarding departments have the correct training and understanding in the significance of the different delivery terms. We at ABG Logistic, create a unique education for companies, according to your wishes and ensures the competence in your business.

Internal logistics

Are you having problems with your flow between production and storage? We would gladly look over your internal logistic system and come up with suggestions on storage layout or other changes that you can do to increase your effectiveness.

Support and counselling

Our customers ongoingly gets counselling in different matters via phone and e-mail. It’s easy to reach us for personal service and we will provide quick answers in every question you might have regarding logistic and transportation.

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