A complete 3-step transport walkthrough

An analysis of today’s transport situation

We walk through the transport situation of your company – choice of transporter/forwarder, deals/quotations, delivery terms, routing, delivery-guarantee, costs and more. After analysis and making a comprehension of your situation we can give advice and tips on eventual changes and improvements to achieve the goals of your transport solutions.

Procurement and recommendations

ABG Logistic works completely independently from other Transportation- and Forwarder companies but have a big grid of contacts amongst the different actors on the market. With the analysis that was described in the previous section, your demands and wishes, and together with you, we can implement a transport-procurement which will cover parts of or all your transportation needs. We will go through and analyse the different quotations and will give, based on our extent experience, recommendations on the solutions which best responds to your needs.

Follow-up and control

After a procurement we’ll follow-up to see that the chosen forwarder or forwarders are living up to what they’ve promised. We control delivery-guarantee in terms of goods being delivered on time and that the goods have been delivered without any damages; we control that the costs are being charged correctly – Simply that they deliver what they have sold!

Transport assignments

We can swiftly and easily come up with prices and solutions on both single and reoccurring transport assignments based on your wishes, without you having to bind yourself to anything further. We have established contacts with several different forwarder-companies with different kinds of freights (Sea, air, road and currier etc.) and will bring forth the best solutions for you, with price, delivery-time and service in focus.

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